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Counterfeit Australian Dollars

(14 customer reviews)


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Being the best our prioritized aim is providing the best satisfaction and efficiency at most thereby producing the best and top rated Undetected Quality Banknotes .

With an Overview Experience , we are dedicated to provide the best quality and safety there is to ensure no risk and also endure any challenges possible faced by consumers in the society .


Our bills are not made of paper or plastic rather they are made polymer in nature and can not be detected by observation , touch , Scanned e.t.c and also made identical and uniform to the official and Original bank notes and contian special security features , Holograms and Security threads .


Basically after production we do access samples test before Notes are stock up for sales and distribution . Such test include ;




14 reviews for Counterfeit Australian Dollars

  1. Melanie Kloe

    Better than before I just had to pay with shipping and within 2 days I had it delivered couldn’t believe it but I mean this was the reality I had been hoping for a long time . Really do appreciate you guys 🙏 thanks

  2. Nacho

    Please can y’all refer me with a guide on Processing Payments with Bitcoin I’ll need assistant as soon as possible . Thanks

  3. Gray Colman

    Preferably I think you all are the best so far because I haven’t come across any problems when using your notes .it seems to me your notes are by far the best so I’ll look forward in making a bigger order next time for sure

  4. Federick

    Can you do $500 for 7000

  5. Ray da don

    Good notes my stuff arrived a little bit behind schedule but the deal is I have it and for that I’m grateful

  6. Gina Rapone

    Excellent Company with wonderful product selections and amazing Customer Service! CB is an absolute pleasure to do business with! I received my bills in perfect condition exactly as expected and fast reliable shilpping. Thank you so much!! Sincerely, Gina Rapone

  7. Ashley

    keep up the good work and thanks for the safe and fast delivery it was worth it

  8. Deborah C

    Outstanding customer service with excellent communication, and goes above and beyond to make certain there is customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to recommend this company, they are a pleasure to do business with.

  9. Demian Hendrick

    Due to my past experiences I have been told over and over again but due to my Intend I had to give it a try again with you guys and on normal bases I was not comfortable paying at first so I did a leap of fate and made the payment and it turns out my money is indeed worth it no hold up , no insurance policy nothing my delivery was made directly within 3 days the exact date I was given to be the maximum requested delivery date so I guess now I finally found somewhere I could count on and be 100% sure of delivery . I look forward with my next order soon thank

  10. Sameul Malcom

    Hello I would like to first start by saying great work on your notes and also great work on delivery you guys really are the best and proof to be trusted indeed . I really do appreciate the quality and efficiency of your notes as promised and hope on making my next purchase as soon as possible . Cheers

  11. Ben

    Wow can’t wait to have mine 😎

  12. Emily lean

    Just contacted you guys on WhatsApp I need help paying with Bitcoin . Thanks

  13. Thorston Eric

    your the best so far keep up the good deals

  14. Horwell

    You guys are the most relaible company I have ever come acrossso far and definitely with such trusted business partner I’m hoping to make my money worth it . Thank you all

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